Configure PPTP VPN in Windows XP

  1. Click on "Network Connections" from Control Panel;
  2. Click "Next" button to get the first "New Connection Wizard" Welcome window;
  3. Select "Connect to the network at my workspace" in "Network Connection Type" window, click "Next";
  4. Select "Virtual Private Network connection" and click "Next";
  5. Enter "VPNMe PPTP" as the VPN connection name, click "Next";
  6. In the "VPN Server" field use ( replace xx with server id like us or de ) as hostname and click "Next";
  7. Click "Finish" button.
  8. Now the VPN login window shows up enter username (like "vpnme") as VPN username and VPN password found from website and click "Connect";
  9. When next to "VPNMe PPTP" is written "Connected" your connection has been created.
  10. Go to Check IP page to check your new IP address