Configure PPTP VPN in Linux Ubuntu

  1. Open Network Manager from the desktop click to the "Network Manager" icon in the top right hand corner;
  2. Click on "VPN Connections and Configure VPN";
  3. Click on "Add" to create the new connection;
  4. Choose the connection type as PPTP and click "Create";
  5. Enter VPN Account Details: ( replace xx with server id like us or de ) as the VPN server name, and Connection name field, enter "VPNMe PPTP" as the new connection name.
  6. Enter "vpnme" as VPN username and VPN password found from this website;
  7. In Advanced Settings, select both "MSCHAP" and "MSCHAPv2" options, check the box labeled "Use Point to Point encryption (MPPE)";
  8. Click "OK" ans click "OK" again;
  9. Start the VPN connection by clicking on the Network Manager Icon, select VPN Connections and click to the "VPNMe PPTP" connection;
  10. Visit Check IP page to check your new IP address